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Capturing the Moments Of Your Travels

Traveling is a fun activity we all enjoy. The relaxation of sunbathing by the beach, the thrill of adventure when mountain climbing, the excitement of visiting a new city, and the culture and  fun interaction you get to experience while out and about in a foreign place are some of the most wonderful things to look forward to in  booking a trip.

Taking tons of photos is ordinary when traveling. Of course, you want to record all the memories you have on different places. One other option is to keep a travel journal. This is essential if you love to travel a lot.

Most individuals find it hard to maintain a journal, worried that they are doing it wrong. However, there is no proper way to do so because what’s important is that you try as much as possible to document all the precious moments on your trip. Doing this in the manner you prefer will help you become more comfortable in making regular entries.

You can start by identifying where you are most comfortable with. You can go old school and jot down notes or be a techie and type an entry on your laptop or your iPad. You can try doing colorful sketches to make your notes as colorful as possible. Stick some mementos like a ticket to an amusement park or even the bus. If you prefer a more modern approach with a bit more portability than a laptop, record memorable facts or details that you encountered all throughout the day through your phone. Always answer the all-important questions regarding the details you put in – namely who, what, where, when, and how.

While it is not necessary to keep track of every detail, writing daily is important. Write down the important happenings of the day and the tourist spots you went to. Feel free to express your insights and musings regarding your destination. Be a foodie. Write down the meals you took while out on foreign streets. Just record things that you know you do not normally experience on a regular day basis.

Personalizing your entry is one way to make things interesting. When you write, think of the best ways on how you can properly convey what you feel at that moment. So when you look back by reading your entries, it will help you recount what you feel at that point in time. This is also an effective way to share your adventures for people close to you who were not with you on that trip. Write your experience, not merely the details of your itinerary. Imagine going to France and gazing at the Mona Lisa, how will you describe it to others? That is how you will know how to describe it in your journal. Record the facts, figures, and other relevant information about the places you visit. They will serve as wonderful time capsules that will not only transport you to the moment per se, but seemingly also to the destination itself.


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Submitted on
January 27, 2015