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Cultural sights and attraction in Germany


Wondering what you can visit in Germany, well here are some tourist attractions Germany is famous for.

So, if you are planning a trip to Germany, first stop visit the most famous Neuschwanstein castle. It is located in Bavaria situated in the Alps. The classic Sleeping Beauty, Disney movie, drew the idea of their castle from Neuschwanstein. Trivia about this castle, it was made in 1869 by King Ludwig II interesting enough it was made by a theatrical designer rather than an architect. No wonder the castle looks dreamy. You can have a tour inside the castle. Things to see inside included an extravagant artificial grotto, the Throne room with its crown-shaped chandelier, and the magnificent Minstrel’s Hall.

Next stop would be the Brandenburg gate found in Berlin. It was built in 1791and became the national symbol since it signifies peace. On top of the gate, you will see a winged goddess of victory riding a chariot. It became the symbolism of peace because during the cold war Berlin was divided into East and West Berlin and the Brandenburg gate stood between them. The walls dividing East and West Berlin fell in 1989 and the Brandenburg gate was opened.

Another tourist attraction is the city of Weimar. It is found in Thuringia, East Germany. It was said that to get a grasp of the German’s culture visit the city of Weimar. Weimar became the site of crusade for German societal group. Some famous people who lived here was Johann Sebastian Bach, the famous composer and musician of the Baroque period. It is also in Weimar where the famous Bauhaus movement started in the early 20th century. It was the time wherein modernism started and cultural movement began.

You should not miss out to visit the Germany’s most picturesque route, the Romantic Road. You will be swept away by the scenery, culture, medieval towns bounded by walls and towers, the look of half timbered houses, castles and historical hotels. The main tourist attraction is the Rothenburg ob der Tauber, it is the maintained medieval town.

Visit the Cathedral of Cologne, it is the third tallest cathedral in the world. Architecture of the church is spectacular. The exquisite details on the church’s architectural design are just magnificent. Construction of the church took 600 years, it was finished in1880. In World War II, Cologne was part of the bombed places in Germany and the Cathedral was the only building that endured the bombings. Some believed that it was Divine intervention. The cathedral was also the pilot’s point of reference since it stood tall in Cologne.

Another spectacular Church and attraction is the Church of Our Lady in Dresden Frauenkirche. It is also a symbolic attraction for the Germans. The Grand Frauenkirche was the center for the city of Dresden and it collapsed during the World War II. The ruins were untouched for more than 40 years. The church was restored in 2005. 

These are just some of the tourist attraction you will see in Germany. Through these places you will be able to get a piece of German culture and history.

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Submitted on
February 11, 2015